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    集团简介 投资业绩










          BOFA Financial Investment Management Group includes the following entities: BOFA Integrated Management Co., Ltd., BOFA Financial Management Co., Ltd., BOFA Loan and Asset Management Co., Ltd. The administrative department, human resources department, logistics department and other functional departments affiliated to BOFA Integrated Management Co., Ltd. provide a sufficient support for the daily operation of the group and play an important strategic management role. Its real estate projects have accumulated a development area of ??1 million square meters, adhere to the value of brand and quality are equally important, design and creativity first, compatible with integrity and professional corporate culture, and become another masterpiece in the development of diversified industries.

          So far, the investment of BOFA Financial Investment Management Group has involved many fields, including strategic investment in listed companies, venture capital, and angel investment. It has invested in many companies. Some companies have successfully listed on the stock market. At the same time, it has invested in A-share small and medium-sized companies. A large amount of investment has been made in the outstanding shares of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and ChiNext. It also participated in many state-owned enterprises such as China Power Huaqiang, Harbin Radio and Television Network Media Company, and Harbin Institute of Technology Environmental Protection Company.

          The "Xiangjie Lishe" project is a French style commercial and residential community located at Tongjiang City invested by Bofa Real Estate Group. It covers an area of ??80,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ??150,000 square meters, and consists of more than 27 buildings. It is composed of three-story buildings, and a 540m-long Sino-Russian commercial street. This commercial street is the longest pedestrian walk in Jiamusi area and is a key project in Jiamusi City. BOFA Real Estate Group will utilize the advantage of the brand resources to adhere to continue focusing on brand and quality, becoming another masterpiece of BOFA’s diversified industry!

          Bofa Financial Investment Management Group will adhere to the management essence and keeping up with the rapid development of the group and pulsing together!



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